Wow, I totally forgot to in REALLY FORGOT…

So much has happened since my last post. Let’s see:
1. Stayed with Corporation X.
2. Moved to Tampa, FL
3. Bought a SUV

Yeah, it’s been a bit of a change. Just a wee bit. Wow…I can’t believe I totally forgot about this. I feel just dismayed that I forgot to blog at all. I guess with all that went on, it got sidetracked.

So, what’s life in Florida like? Hmmm, pretty fantastic to be honest. It’s January 16th and I’m still wearing flip flops. You literally need to get pedicures done since your toes are always on display. It’s surreal to say the least.

My living situation is much better than it was in PDX. I have a fantastic house with a screened in lanai, a double car garage and a yard.

It’s taken some getting used to, that’s for sure. It’s rather flat here. The roads are huge and people drive about 20 miles over the speed limit at all times. I’ve also got to get used to the fact that they don’t have so many street lights here. You do learn to drive in darker conditions.

Corporation X is different here. It’s cool because this is where the money is but they do things differently here. There has been a learning curve to get used to it, but I think I’m getting there. I keep telling myself I still have a job.

The PDX site did close. I have a lot of friends that are now unemployed. It’s been very sad. I mean there were some kick ass severance benefits, but it’s still hard to lose your job. Your comfort zone disappears and you are in a limbo. I think I’m actually experiencing survivor’s guilt a bit.

Now, it’s just a case of getting used to living here and adjusting. I think I’m going to like living here. I’m already thinking of purchasing a home here in a year or so? I definitely want to stay in this house till I purchase something.

It’s amazing at how life can change to much. Less than six months ago I was looking at being unemployed and probably barely able to make ends meet. I’m in a much better situation here with a brighter future. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

It’s Reality Time

It’s been just over a month since they told us our site was closing down. Today, those plans were finalized and we have the timetable to the last day. It’s going to be December 11th. I called that one on the nose, that’s for sure.

It’s very surreal to know that the job I found that I actually like the most is just disappearing. Today, I realized that everything in my life has up and disappeared on me. I’m an Aquarius, so it’s natural to have change in my life, but come on, enough already.  I really liked this job, I kind of planned to stay with them for 20 or so years. I mean, I actually PLANNED on staying! I’ve not had a job like that in a REALLY long time. Every one I had, I knew it was not going to be a forever job.  It just sucks ass, that’s all.

So, in my turmoil and despair, I fell down a rabbit hole. Instead of going to work for someone else, I’m going to just start my own business with a business partner. See, rabbit hole! A very big rabbit hole. I figured this was going to be the last time someone tells me “Oh you are fantastic, however, we are closing” or “Your great, we just made a mistake and we have to downsize”. I NEVER want to hear those damn fucking words again.  You made a mistake, but I’m paying for it? And people wonder why I am a control freak?  There you go. There is your reason.

I keep telling myself that it’s going to be okay. It’s something I’m good at, it’s something I enjoy doing and it’s something with a lot of potential. I just have to step outside my comfort zone and take a chance. No more doing the W-2 because it’s the safe way to go. If I fail, at least I’m failing on my own terms and it won’t be due to someone else making a crappy decision.

The smoke is finally clearing up and the breathing is getting easier. I’m taking my portable nebulizer with me tomorrow, just in case I need it. I can always pop out to the car and grab a breathing treatment if need be. Have drugs will travel!

I’m also going back to school in order to get a few additional certifications and maybe another degree? We will see, this time around it’s accounting. I really want to crack up laughing as accounting was what my step father wanted me to go into WAYYYYYYY back when. He wanted accounting, my  Dad wanted the Naval Academy and I chose Marketing/ Interior Design.  Just FYI, my life has always been like this.

Discovered a cool show on Netflix that I have been doing the binge on. Rosemary and Thyme. It’s an English mystery program based on two gardeners. As strange as it sounds, it’s actually rather good. I love the gardens they feature in the show. I can kill an air plant, so other gardens fascinate me. Oh good lords, I just realized I own plants…what am I going to do with them this winter? Garage with a grow light maybe?  Some need to be repotted…maybe I’ll do that this weekend? Move them to bigger pots to prepare for winter?

I have a million exams to sit for still and I feel like I’m not making any progress at all on them. I know I am, there are just so many, that it doesn’t feel like I’m moving forwards at all. I need to be more organized and get back into the study habit like I used to be.

I did at one time manage to carry 18 credits and pass them all beautifully. Now I have three courses I’m doing and I’m so scattered I forget to watch the lectures. It’s just a matter of organizing and making good use of my time. Not procrastinating of which I am famous for. Not to mention I’m just downright lazy.

Once I’m not working for a W-2, I’m going to have to make myself a schedule and keep to it. That means an alarm, breakfast, appointments, classes, lunch, exercising and cooking. I really do miss cooking, to be honest. I’m one of those that when I cook, I really cook. It’s not quick stuff, but stuff that has to sit and mature or rise or something like that. Getting home and having to rush to cook dinner sucks ass too. Hopefully, the new schedule will be better. My biggest challenge is going to be getting dressed for the day! I’m rather bad about hanging around in the jammies. Hey, it’s cuts down on laundry!  But, I’m going to make an effort to get dressed first thing in the am just after breakfast.

Wow, that’s going to be surreal, I’ll be able to have breakfast and coffee at the table! Usually I grab cereal or oatmeal in front of my computer at work while it boots up. Not the most healthy of lifestyles, that’s for sure. For instance today, breakfast was a pint of chocolate milk. Don’t ask, just don’t ask. While I’m going to miss my job, I think my health will improve.

As for now, It’s bedtime. 4:00am comes rather early.


Asthma, it’s a nasty thing.

It’s day three of the asthma attacks. I’ve sucked down enough albuterol to float a small dinghy. It’s just not helping as much as it should.  I’m trying not to have to go to the emergency room. I really want to avoid there if I can do.

The attacks are becoming less frequent on the plus side, just think it is going to take more than one day to get them under control.  Hopefully, I can go back to work by Wednesday?

I managed to watch not one but three movies today. Midnight in Paris, Pleasantville and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When you are hanging out with a machine, movies are a good thing.  I’ve not sat down and done a movie binge in a very long time. I usually binge tv shows, but I’ve run out of those.  So movies it is.

I knitted today, a lot in fact. It felt good to knit again. I usually just don’t have time. However, today was definitely prime knitting time. I’m hoping to have the sweater to wear by January? I know, like I said, I don’t get a lot of knitting time in anymore. Maybe I can push it out by Xmas? A nice red sweater for the holiday season.  I’ll be unemployed by then it seems.

I’ve been perusing the fall back to tv for a few things. All my faves (of which there really aren’t that many) are going to be on almost in October! The bastards! One reason I hate network tv, they jack around with stuff to the point you really don’t want to watch it.  As it is, I rarely watch the night of, usually catching it later in the week on Hulu.  Much easier than being tied to their schedule. It’s my little stab at freedom.

So besides knitting and movies, there was some educational stuff done. I got more Quickbooks videos watched so that I can take the next exam. I might do that tomorrow and see how it goes. I also did a bit of wordpress, playing around with themes and stuff to see how it all works together.  As for now, I’m off to another movie. Time for another breathing treatment.

It’s almost Monday

All I got to say on that title is Boo! I honestly hate getting up before 5am to be at work at 5:30am. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, just not the hour I start at. It used to be worse, it was 4:50am!!!! That is just criminal, that’s all I’m saying.

Think about it. To be at work at 5:30am, a normal person would need to get up at least by 4am. That is if you actually put on makeup, do your hair, eat breakfast, have a dog to walk or kids. Heck, a normal person might even get up as early as 3:30am just to get all that done. That’s 3:30AM,people…3:30am!!!! Does anyone see anything wrong with that sentence?

All you hear about is body clocks and how we are attuned to the sun. Hell, this country changes it times twice a year due to us having to be attuned to the sun. So, if that’s the case, what does getting up at 3:30am do to your body? Your getting up at 3:30am and then going to bed by at least 7:30pm in order to get a full 8 hours of rest that is recommended. Has anyone seen daylight savings time in the summer, it’s daylight by 5:00am and dark by 10:30pm. So, having that early of a schedule has you sleeping through four hours of sunshine that your body is attuned to be awake during?

It’s no wonder my eating habits are off. I honestly can’t even look at food before 6am. It’s just too early and honestly is nauseating. However, I can’t eat at 6am, I’m fully engaged in my work. So, I have fifteen minutes at 7:15 to 7:30 to scarf down a meal. No, wait…nutritionist say a meal should be 30 minutes minimum, to give you time to actually chew and digest. Uh huh. Okay, so you wait till lunch. Lunch is at 9:30am!  You can’t even BUY lunch at 9:30am.  Having lunch then puts dinner at about 4:00pm?  Good luck having dinner with your family, much less having a nutritional meal.

That is is do to change though by the end of the year. Big changes are happening and the schedule will totally change. Kind of looking forward to that to be honest.

Besides, that…Mondays are just rough. You have had two days off to relax and just take a breath before it starts up all over again.People are grumpy on Mondays, no matter what. Me, I try to look at it like Monday has to happen so that I can see the weekend again. Monday just means there are four days till the weekend!!!!

I apologize for this disjointed post, for some reason my words just aren’t flowing nicely today. My thoughts are all choppy as well. *shrugs* Who knows..maybe it’s because it’s Monday tomorrow?

One day closer to the weekend.

It’s Thursday, or as it’s known in my circle, IT’S FRIDAY EVE!!!! I really miss my Friday Eves. They consisted of meeting at a local watering hole, having happy hour snacks and a drink, then venting about the crappy work week and all the stupid people we had had to deal with.  Those were some fantastic afternoons, let me tell you.

Starting next January, I will be having Friday Eve’s back because I’ll be working with my friend Leslie. Kind of excited to be honest. We work well together and form a great team. It’s hard to find someone good to work with and we found each other quite by accident.

Today was interesting. I say that because I’m really trying not to just bash. It’s rather hard when you have dealt with a huge influx of issues that should not be issues.  For instance, just for the sake of humanity:

  • if you have a credit card, reconcile your statement monthly. Why? When you discover twelve months later you have been paying for something for a year, you’re not going to get a year’s worth of fees returned.  Be responsible, check your own statements, be an adult.
  • If you call your credit card company, have your card handy. They need the whole number AND the little code on the back. Why? Because it’s called security. How do they know you really are you? They can’t see you and check your id against your face? All you are is a voice on the phone that they really want to help.
  • If you let someone use your credit card and they abuse it, yes, you are responsible for it. Why? It’s YOUR card. You are in control of it. It’s your responsibility.
  • If you return a purchased item, call the merchant to discuss the credit. You bought it from them, not your credit card company. Now, the credit card company can help if you have tried to get a credit and nothing happened. But come on, take that first step, call the people you bought it from.
  • If you buy something from someone, don’t call your credit card company and say “don’t pay them”. How would you like if if you went to work and someone said “oh don’t pay them”. Be an adult, look before you whip out that credit card.
  • If you use your credit card for every single purchase you make in a month, it’s going to make your statement huge. So, have some patience if someone has to hunt through a thousand transactions in a month to find that 2.99 charge you made “sometime during the month, maybe.”

Do we see a trend here? It’s called be responsible and act like an adult. That means doing your part, managing your own stuff and having patience when things don’t go your way.  All the people that work for every single credit card, they really want to help you, but man, you are NOT making it easy. Now..please don’t get me started on traffic laws. Okay..maybe just one:(it’s more than one)

  • If you need to make a left turn, please don’t do it from the far right lane that is three lanes over from the left turn lane. Think ahead..get over early’s a thought…..go straight, find a parking lot and TURN AROUND. You can make a right just as easy as a left. Much easier most times, in fact.
  • Don’t stop and back up on the entrance ramp to the highway/freeway. Literally, that is a one way strip of road and backwards is NOT the direction to be using.
  • Turn signals are there for a reason, to give the rest of us a heads up you’re fixing to do something besides moving straight and forward.
  • Don’t change lanes in the middle of an intersection, especially on the little silver car that is right next to you. It’s just rude and might get your ass kicked when you hit the car and the owner has to get out. They won’t be kicking it out of anger, they will be scared shit less and just reacting.

I have tons more, but those are my pet peeves that I see on the roads daily.  I know there is a test involved to get a license. I know this for fact.

Tonight’s dinner was takeaway. It’s Thursday, I don’t cook on Thursdays. I have no idea, but I just don’t. Well, at least not in summer. I love cooking in the fall, but not in the summer. It’s just hot and cooking makes it hotter. Ugh.

Speaking of fall/winter…I’m dying for it. Please get here, soon! I want to bake bread and make pies and cakes. I want to make cookies and curl up on the sofa knitting. You know it’s hot when you can’t stand yarn in your lap. It’s depressing, that’s all. I want my winter back. If you believe the Old Farmer’s Almanac we are in for a snowy winter *fist pump-yes*. Thank you Goddess above.

Good Friends, they truly are worth their weight in gold

Just spent the most wonderful few hours hanging out on my sofa with a very close friend of mine. She and I can sit and just gab for hours over any number of topics and never get bored.

That made me realize that the saying “good friends are hard to come by and are worth their weight in gold” is very very true. We all have “friends”. We have people we love to hang out with, people we confide in and people that we run to when we need to sob our eyes out. Those people should be considered treasures! They truly are treasures of the heart.

I, personally, have not always been the best of being a friend. I admit, I have screwed up royally over the years. None of which was intentional, but still, I screwed up and hurt people by my actions or lack of action. Those actions haunt me to this day and enable me to be a better friend to those that I hold close.

As humans, we try to do good and be there for our chosen ones. But like all humans, we are fallible and will falter. We all say, “Oh I could never do that” or “I would never forgive if that happened.” I find myself, having been on both ends of that sentence much more flexible in my demands of friendship.

You need to blow me off, fine. You say one thing and do another, I’m good with that too. I honestly believe that people are good at their core and our humanity is what causes shit to happen. Being more forgiving and more flexible has improved the level of my friendships to unknown heights. That’s not saying that all the people I have called friend are still friends. Nope, in some cases, that water has flowed down the river, never to return. However, I still hold them dear in my heart and will always do so.

As for now, I still count a few people as dear friends that I can’t live without. Even just seeing their face online make me happy, even with no communication. It is what it is, as the saying goes. And I truly love my friends.

Twelve hours later……

I had today off and had major plans to get stuff done. Some homework, do some knitting, maybe clean out my closet. Was all set, even got up early and was good to go. Except for the fact I sat down at my computer and turned on The Sims 4. Yeah.

That was at 7:30am this morning and it’s now 3pm. Sigh.  Oh well, I did have a good time playing my game. I really haven’t had much chance to play any kind of video games in so very long. Work takes up ALL MY TIME! That was all I did, work. I would go to work, come home, cook dinner and fall asleep on the sofa. End of conversation.  It’s one reason I’m rather not too miffed over getting laid off in a few months.

On the plus side, there was a John Wayne movie marathon today! I know he’s old school, but sometimes a classic is just the way to go. Face it, anything he did is considered a classic. The man was just the man.

After I do dinner tonight, I will sit down and knit a bit. Fresh ball of wool already to go. Speaking of dinner, must get to that. Chicken and quinoa.

And it begins anew.

I used to blog, a lot! I would update my blog several times a day. It was my form of social media. Then twitter came along and writing became a thing of the past. Everything would fit into 140 characters. You can get a thought out in that little bit, but it loses a lot in the translation.

I followed the new trends of social media and my blog fell along the wayside, abandoned and forgotten. Let’s not discuss facebook, other than the fact, that I hate it. I have NEVER liked the damned thing from day one. It’s kind of something you deal with because you have to, like taxes, traffic laws and bureaucracy.

I’ve started several blogs since I stopped blogging. I never got past the design stage. I argued with myself that no one would see it. I convinced myself it was a waste of time. I thought it would be good design experience. I used every excuse in the book to make it and then not actually use it.

A very good friend of mine just put out that she wanted to blog again. She said the magic words….”i miss writing”. There, it was out in the open, out of the dark mists of the unspoken, untranslated thought. The minute I saw those words, I knew she was correct and in those three words summed it all up. Fact was, I missed writing.

I used to write all the time! Literally. I wrote stories, I made up characters. I made very involved in depth characters and then plotted out their little lives. I wrote about my life, which honestly was not very exciting, but it was mine. I wrote about my beliefs, my hobbies, my pets. I blogged through college. I wrote all the time and my grammar was actually rather good.  Now? Please, don’t get me started. I need grammar 101 once again.

However, my friend has always been a beacon of light in the darkness. She has always been thinking exactly what I was thinking. It’s uncanny. While we are not as close as we used to be, she’s still in my heart, a sister. I still look to her for guidance in some things. She’s a hell of a lot more creative than me and she has a way of taking something that is bouncing around in my subconscious and making it see the light of day.   Funny thing? I doubt she even knows what she does, she’s just like that.

In light of all that, here we have it. A new blog. A bright blank page just waiting for me to get my groove back and fill it up. Oh, it will get filled up. There will be a lot of crap on it that people might wonder, “what the hell is she thinking”. There will be failures and dreams. There will be attempts at things and successes.

Most of all, I really don’t care what people think of it. I will probably offend someone. That actually is very easy to do these days. It seems that no matter what you say, do and or wear, someone will take offense at it.  This place, is mine. I can say what I want, post what I want and that’s all there is to it. Read it at your own risk.

I live by one motto, “I can agree to disagree with you and let it go”. We might not see eye to eye, but that doesn’t mean I will dismiss you and write you off. Is it too much to expect the same courtesy. In that vein, I’ll make mistakes along the way. The blessed Goddess knows I’ve made some doozies. However, I try to learn from my mistakes and become better from them.

As for now, I’ve got some yarn calling my name. I finally wound up a new ball of wool for a sweater I’ve been knitting on since the great flood of biblical times. Yes, I’ve been knitting on it a really long time. It’s Cascade 200 in Ruby.